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DeskSpace Released

Monday, May 18th, 2009

DeskSpace has been released. This version fixes a number of minor bugs.

DeskSpace contains the following new features and bug fixes:

  • New Feature – Improved desktop switching speed by up to 200%.
  • New Feature – Improved compatibility with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, ASP.NET Development Server, Microsoft Virtual PC, Runes of Magic, SONAR, Windows Explorer, and World of Warcraft.
  • Bug Fix – You can now switch to desktops using the desktop hot keys while the cube is activated.
  • Bug Fix – Cygwin windows are now recognized by DeskSpace.
  • Bug Fix – The first application rule in the “Manage Desktop Application Rules” dialog is no longer always reset to “Start on Desktop 1″.
  • Bug Fix – Moving a window to another desktop by dragging it to the bottom of the screen now works correctly.

You can visit the DeskSpace page to find out more about DeskSpace, and visit the Online Store to buy DeskSpace

Attention Carlos – You’ve Given Us An Invalid Email Address

Friday, May 15th, 2009

I don’t usually do this, but in this case we’re out of options, and I don’t want to leave one of our customers hanging…

One of our customers has incorrectly entered their email address on the order form and they are continuing to contact us using the same invalid email address. We’ve tried everything we can to get in touch with them, but have so far been unsuccessful.

So, Carlos, if you’re reading this, the Yahoo! mail address you entered when you ordered and when you tried to contact us doesn’t exist. I’d love to send you your download details, so please contact us via this blog, the forums, or the Customer Service contact form and let us know a valid email address we can send your order details to.