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DeskSpace Released

Monday, October 25th, 2010

DeskSpace has been released. This version includes the following bug fixes:

  • Feature – We improved how DeskSpace deals with hung or unresponsive applications.
  • Feature – DeskSpace now recognizes Remote Desktop sessions much more quickly.
  • Feature – Added compatibility with TerraTerm.
  • Feature – Added compatibility with Display Fusion multi-monitor wallpapers.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed issue where the Manage Desktop Icons dialog would sometimes not save desktop icon settings.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed issue where DeskSpace incorrectly reported a problem with a secondary monitor when there was no secondary monitor connected.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed issue where desktop icons were intermittently misplaced on monitors that were positioned to the left of the primary monitor.

You can visit the DeskSpace page to find out more about DeskSpace, visit the Online Store to buy DeskSpace, and visit the Help page to upgrade to DeskSpace