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Come Fly With Me

Tuesday, January 31st, 2006

Not only is Perth, Australia home to TopDesk, we’ve now got a flying car too…

Forum Fine-tune

Friday, January 20th, 2006

As part of the website revamp the forums have been streamlined. The TopDesk Support and General Discussion archives have been merged into a single archive forum, the Removed Posts forum as been “removed” (it only contained duplicate posts and various hateful screeds against TopDesk :) ), and the Other forum has been taken out (no-one used it).

Affiliates Again

Friday, January 20th, 2006

A while ago I talked about introducing an affiliates programme for TopDesk. It didn’t end up happening then for a number of reasons, but as of the 1.4 release I’m of the opinion that TopDesk is mature enough to make affilate sales viable, so you can now sign up for the TopDesk affiliate program.

The plan is to start off with a small number of affiliates and see how it goes. If we don’t run into any problems then the programme will be expanded to accommodate more people.

One Point Four

Thursday, January 19th, 2006

TopDesk 1.4 is out. This release fixes most of the minor niggles people had with the 1.3.x versions, and fixes the priority issue some users experienced with 1.3.7.

The new version of TopDesk also coincides with a redesign of our site. The directory structure of the old site was just getting too clunky to manage, and it would have cramped our style for some of the things we want to do in the near future.

Perhaps the most drastic difference in version 1.4 is that we’ve changed the trial version to a 30 day demo. Personally I hate time-limited trials and much prefer nagging/reduced feature trials. However, there’s a (vocal) group of users out there that loathe reduced features or nagging, and after using the TopDesk trial they tend to either blog about how much they dislike it (best case) or send us abusive emails (worst case). Lately it’s gotten to the point where we’re receiving a couple of not-so-nice emails about the trial every day.

While I have a personal dislike of time-limited trials, I’d rather have happy users than have things exactly the way I want. Hopefully the switch appeases those users who complained about the nags and missing features, and improves the overall user experience of the trial version. Having said that, I’m sure we’ll now hear from the group of users out there that loathe 30 day trials :) .