TopDesk Released

TopDesk has been released. This version includes the following changes and bug fixes:

  • Bug Fix – While tiling windows, the desktop background is now correctly displayed on Windows 7.
  • Bug Fix – TopDesk now handles 3D accelerated applications being open.
  • Bug Fix – Improved performance and memory usage.

You can visit the TopDesk page to find out more about TopDesk, and visit the Online Store to buy TopDesk

2 Responses to “TopDesk Released”

  1. Leon says:

    What great news~ a new release! I just happened to think of this program after ages not stopping by so dropped in on a whim to come across this update released just a day before?! :) Thank you for your hard work! and I look forward to upgrading and trying out v1.5.4.2; big fan of Top Desk. Thanks! Leon