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TopDesk 1.5.1 Beta

Friday, May 18th, 2007

TopDesk 1.5.1 has gone into beta, and we hope to release it before the end of the month. The main focus of this version has been improving usability.

First, we’ve added the ability to select windows with the mouse in Flip layout. It’s one of those things that you just expect to be able to do, and we found that many users were frustrated that TopDesk didn’t already behave this way.

We’ve also made the “spring-loaded” Alt-Tab behavior introduced in version 1.5 optional, and made the pre-1.5 “sticky” Alt-Tab behavior the default. While a few vocal users championed the addition of the “spring-loaded” behavior, the feedback we’ve received from version 1.5 is that most users don’t like it. We’re hoping 1.5.1 will satisfy both camps.

Finally, we’ve added optional tips while tiling. We found that many new users weren’t aware of how to perform basic tasks, such as switching between windows, and many users, even long-term users, didn’t know that TopDesk could be used to efficiently close and minimize windows and to quickly drag-and-drop files. The new tips will help all users get the most out of TopDesk, and we hope to expand and improve the tips in future versions.

A full list of the new features in version 1.5.1 is as follows:

  • Mouse Selection In Flip Layout – Windows can now be selected using the mouse when using the Flip layout.
  • Improved Video Performance – TopDesk now preloads window images before tiling, reducing stutter caused by the video driver loading images into memory.
  • Improved Video Compatibility – Glitches that occur while tiling windows that use 3D acceleration and/or overlays, such as Windows Media Player, have been reduced.
  • Improved Screen Saver Compatibility – TopDesk now turns off screen savers while tiling.
  • Configurable Untiling Behavior – Users can now choose to use the “sticky” TopDesk 1.4.2 untiling behavior or the new “spring-loaded” untiling behavior introduced in TopDesk 1.5.
  • Tips – TopDesk now displays optional tips while tiling.
  • Bug Fix – TopDesk now displays the desktop background in Windows Vista.
  • Bug Fix – TopDesk no longer tries to snapshot an application window image if the application is hung.
  • Bug Fix – TopDesk now only untiles when the Alt key is released if Alt is part of a TopDesk hot key combination.