Attention Carlos – You’ve Given Us An Invalid Email Address

I don’t usually do this, but in this case we’re out of options, and I don’t want to leave one of our customers hanging…

One of our customers has incorrectly entered their email address on the order form and they are continuing to contact us using the same invalid email address. We’ve tried everything we can to get in touch with them, but have so far been unsuccessful.

So, Carlos, if you’re reading this, the Yahoo! mail address you entered when you ordered and when you tried to contact us doesn’t exist. I’d love to send you your download details, so please contact us via this blog, the forums, or the Customer Service contact form and let us know a valid email address we can send your order details to.

5 Responses to “Attention Carlos – You’ve Given Us An Invalid Email Address”

  1. carlos says:

    Ok there should be something but I check the address because I made a copy from my order and the address look ok now thank’s for contact me back and there is my other email address .
    now your product is great I LOVE IT I have tried the free deskspace
    and is JUST FANTASTIC I can hold to have it .
    thank’s again .

  2. Hi Carlos,

    If the address was incorrect when you ordered then it won’t be correct when you copy it to the support form. It may just be a case of misspelling or a missing letter.

    The best way to contact us and ensure your email address is correct is to log into your Yahoo! mail account and send an email to This will automatically include the correct email address in the email.

    Thank you very much for the compliments, we hope we can get your software to you as quickly as possible.

  3. Carlos,

    We’ve sent you download details to the new email address you provided. Please let us know how you go with downloading your software.

  4. c says:

    I did get my software and is working really good thanx for your help
    and yes it was my foul for some missing letter .
    Your help was better them good I can tell you is the first time some one get it right so fast .
    your software is small didn’t use much memory and ram I just love it and I showing to my friends you got a 10 + good luck and keep the good good… work .

  5. Carlos,

    No problem at all. We’re very happy that you enjoy using DeskSpace, and we’re glad we were eventually able to get your software to you :)