The switch over to a Plimus store went smoothly so we’re now looking at one of the other features offered by Plimus: affiliates. There’s a topic on the forums that goes into the details, but the gist of it is “how do users feel about TopDesk being sold by affiliates, and, if we were to go ahead with it, are any users interested in becoming one”? Let us know what you think.

3 Responses to “Affiliates”

  1. Pramit says:

    I totally would become an affiliate. Everyone I’ve shown the app to wants it. Now, if there was a way I could make money, or give a friend a discount, that would make this a sweet deal.

  2. Thanks, it’s great to see someone with who’s enthusiastic about TopDesk. We’ll be providing some more information about the affiliate program early next week (how we’d like it to run, how to sign up, etc..), so stay tuned :) .

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