DeskSpace reviewed on BBC News

DeskSpace was reviewed in the latest episode of the BBC News Click programme, where it was described as “too cool for school”. You can click here to view the DeskSpace segment, or the view entire programme on the BBC News Click home page.

BBC News - Click.

BBC News - Click.

BBC News - Click.

BBC News - Click.

6 Responses to “DeskSpace reviewed on BBC News”

  1. Ben Taylor says:

    Congratulations James. That is really cool. Are you sitting there watching the sales counter accelerate? ;)

  2. Thanks Ben! Yes, we’ve seen a nice bump in sales :)

  3. Kerry J. Northrup says:

    The Netbook craze may also benefit DeskSpace. I tried out DS some time back on a full-sized laptop and, while I found it indeed “too cool for school,” it did not add so much to my productivity that I kept it. (Might also have been that it was before many of the current feature and performance enhancements.) But when I recently got an HP Mini 1035nr with a 10.1-inch 1024×600 screen, maximizing desktop real estate gained new importance. So went looking again at virtual desktop utilities. And am back full-time with DeskSpace. (Would very much like though the option I hear is upcoming to disable unused desktops — using 4 instead of 6.)

  4. c says:

    hey i pay for my and have not get anything on my email .
    they charge my credit car on 5/9/2009 and now is 5/15/2009
    still nothing i will like t now what to do???? thanks.

  5. C: If you read the blog post directly after this one you’ll see that we have been desperately trying to contact you since you ordered.

    The problem is that the email address you gave us when you ordered doesn’t exist, so we receive the following message from Yahoo! mail each time we email you: “user doesn’t have a account”. You’ve also been typing the same email address into the contact form, so all our attempts to respond to the messages you’ve been sending have failed.

    If you can contact us with a valid email address (not the one you’ve been typing into the contact form) then we’d be more than happy to send you your software. The best way to contact us and ensure your email address is correct is to log into your Yahoo! mail account and send an email to This will automatically include the correct email address in the email.

    You’ve paid for your software and have been waiting nearly a week, and we’d love nothing more than to deliver it to you. All we need is your correct email address.

  6. C: We’ve sent you download details to the new email address you provided. Please let us know how you go with downloading your software.