Get UpRight And NetSet For Free

I’m pleased to announce a special limited time offer for bloggers and reviewers: If you write a review or blog post about UpRight or NetSet and send us a link to the post, we’ll send you a free copy of the application. To be eligible for a free copy, the review must:

  • Give details on how UpRight or NetSet has helped you improve your productivity.
  • Explain what you like and don’t like about the application.
  • Describe what features you’d like to see and any improvements you think could be made.

7 Responses to “Get UpRight And NetSet For Free”

  1. Musa says:

    What about if my blog is in Turkish? Will it be a problem?

  2. No, it won’t be a problem.

  3. Tim Dunlap says:

    I just gave you a rip roaring good review for NetSet on Softpedia website. It’s under my name. I’d be inclined to write reviews on some of the other web sites too, if you’ll just follow through and provide me instructions on how to activate my trial.

    My review should be easy to find it should be the only one there.
    See -

    Thanks and cool software,

  4. Tim Dunlap says:

    Sorry, I typed my email wrong on the fist message, so I’m resubmitting this, please ignore the first -

    I just left a rip roaring good review for NetSet on Softpedia. I’m hoping you’ll tell me how to activate my trial NetSet as per your offer.

    My review should show up as soon as it’s o.k.ed by Softpedia. It will be the first one on their site.
    See -


  5. Hi Tim,

    My apologies, but the NetSET application you reviewed on Softpedia is a GIS solution, while our NetSet program is a network settings switcher. We don’t develop or distribute the NetSET GIS solution, so unfortunately we cannot send you a free copy of it.

  6. Tim Dunlap says:

    Get UpRight And NetSet For Free

    Well I left a review, do I get a license?

    See -

    Click on reviews, mine is the only one there. Not hard to find.


  7. Sure, if you contact Customer Service we’ll arrange your free license for you.