One Point Four Point One

TopDesk 1.4.1 is now out. Scott Hanselman had the idea that it would be cool if TopDesk emulated the upcoming Flip3D task switching feature of Windows Vista, and the suggestion was too good to pass up:

TopDesk - Flip Layout

There’s some video of the Flip layout in action here, here, and here. For a list of the other new features in 1.4.1, including rotating tiling animation, check out the What’s New page.

6 Responses to “One Point Four Point One”

  1. [...] pDesk months ago when I found that it had the best expose emulation for Windows XP.  NOW, they added Flip 3d emulation.  Awesome! Permalink [...]

  2. John says:

    Wow! I just decided to install the trial and I am speechless. I am going to see how much I use it the next couple days but I don’t see any way that I won’t buy it!

  3. Steve Hoek says:

    I just upgraded (I’m a registered user) and I can’t get the Win+Tab hotkey combo to work. I believe this is what Vista is using in build 5270.
    What happens for me is XP appears to be using that to do keyboard navigation of your open program buttons on the task bar.

    Does Win+Tab work for you?

  4. No, Win+Tab doesn’t work. That’s the Windows hot key combination for cycling through windows in the taskbar.

  5. Andrew Moore says:

    I really would like to try TopDesk, but I haven’t been able to download the trial version. When I click on it, it loads about halfway and then gives me a “cannot find server” page. I’ve been trying for a couple days and it’s really annoying. Is there maybe another way I could get the trial version to test it out?

  6. Andrew: It’s just a standard download, nothing fancy, so I don’t know why it’s not working. Are you using dialup?