Al Berry from TheChoad has written an excellent utility called XalKeys that lets you use an Apple Mighty Mouse with TopDesk.

3 Responses to “XalKeys”

  1. Pavan says:

    Why dont you put a link to this on the main site? It would make MightyMouse users more twitchy to try out Topdesk…

  2. Al Berry says:

    I’ve been quite busy lately which is why there haven’t been any updates recently, but I’m working on a new utility called XalMouse which will also allow standard mouse users to utilize TopDesk.

    It will come with two options; 1 for mice with a scroll wheel and a second for one with extra function keys (such as the microsoft intellimouse).

    I’ll let you all know when it’s complete and thank you for your kind words about XalKeys.

  3. Thanks Al, I’m looking forward to XalMouse :) .