TopDesk 1.5.5 Development Update

We’re continuing to work on the TopDesk 1.5.5, and had expected to release it at the beginning of March. The release has been delayed, however, as we’ve found new ways to improve and optimize existing features and have added features that increase compatibility with Vista and Vista x64. Therefore, as a stop-gap, we’ve released TopDesk, which fixes the main complaint with TopDesk 1.5.4.

We expect the TopDesk 1.5.5 to go into beta within the next week or two. The main features include:

  • A new window detection algorithm that is compatible with more non-standard applications.
  • A window exclusion/compatibility list that gives users the ability to manage which windows TopDesk displays and how it displays them.
  • An application compatibility list that lets users specify that TopDesk should disable itself when certain applications are running.
  • Better support for Vista and Vista x64, including the ability to tile/hide Administrator application windows when running under a standard user account on Vista, and improved handling of the Win+Tab hot key.

3 Responses to “TopDesk 1.5.5 Development Update”

  1. Roman says:

    TopDesk promises to be good, of what I’ve seen on your site.

    I would really ask your team to improve the Flip 3D visual layout in TopDesk :

    many owners of notebooks, 15, 17, and even 19″ monitors use rather convenient 800×600 screen resolution. TopDesk should show at least 10 window tiles on all resolutions, 640×480 through 1280×1024.

    I myself have 17 ” monitor, watch it at 1.5 m distance, and often set 800×600 because it’s easier for eyes.

    To illustrate what the TopDesk Flip 3D could look like :

    800×600 (try topdesk 800×600 and see the difference) :

  2. Great idea, we’ll look at adding the option to configure the number of visible windows shown in Flip mode to a future version of TopDesk.

  3. Amirzkhan says:

    Great, hopefully the transitition and picture quality would be smoother and better