DeskSpace – Otaku Software Acquires Yod’m 3D


Otaku Software has acquired Yod’m 3D, a 3D virtual desktop application, from Chris’Soft and will continue to develop the software under the name DeskSpace.

Yod'm 3D.

We have great plans for this application, and we’d love to hear any ideas you have. If you have any feature requests or suggestions, please let us know on the DeskSpace forums.

17 Responses to “DeskSpace – Otaku Software Acquires Yod’m 3D”

  1. M Fuggle says:

    Where can I download Yod’m 3D. Now that it has gone from the Chris Soft site I cannot see any downloiad links

  2. We’re working as hard as we can to get the new version of Yod’m 3D (now DeskSpace) out, but it won’t be available for another 3-4 weeks.

  3. M'doy says:

    why can’t for the time being people still have access to the previous version before it was acquired?

    At least then they’re still benefiting from the earlier version and it was very stable, was it not?

    just my 2 cents’

    and it’ll make the natives happy? ;)

    and if having an older version requires a complete removal from the systems before Your new app can be installed, that’s simple, script a removal routine into the installer.

    so we’re all looking forward to your Deskspace tool, Yod’m3d was and still is subtly nice and unique on windows.

    G’day M’doy!

  4. We can’t support Yod’m 3D, and we have a policy of not distributing software that we can’t support. If we experience enough user demand we may cut back on the planned features for the initial version of DeskSpace so we can release it earlier.

    Please note that the previous version of Yod’m 3D is also still available at a number of download sites.

  5. Patrick says:

    What other download sites still have Yod’m 3D?

  6. Zero says:

    I’d Google Yod’m 3D and let OTAKU finish adding the planned features so DeskSpace can be released as intended.
    That way, I can expect an increase in interest.
    I am using Yod’m 3D now.

  7. Ninja says:

    I have a suggestion. Keep DeskSpace free.

  8. Angry User says:

    I noticed the word “free” was dropped from the description as it moved from Chris’Soft to here.

  9. Patrick: Try Google, but I strongly urge you not to download anything from XInsideNews (, as that copy of Yod’m 3D is infected with a virus that will allow hackers to remotely control your machine.

    Ninja, Angry User: I’m very sorry, but if we made DeskSpace free we simply couldn’t afford to develop it any further. Charging for DeskSpace means we can offer proper support and pay for developers to turn it into the best virtual desktop application on Windows.

  10. Zero says:

    Good warning. I encourage you go to sites like LifeHacker.
    LifeHacker offers Yod’m 3D as a .RAR file, but inside it is basically what you are looking for.

    Hey, OTAKU. Make it multiuser friendly, but if you must charge… easy on the wallet, ‘kay? (All joking aside, it still needs to be multiuser)

  11. Zero: We’ll be adding multi-user support in either the initial version or a version soon after, depending on time constraints.

  12. Zero says:

    Maybe there can be an Elite edition with nearly the same amount of sides as Beryl?

    (In other words, Basic has 4 sides, Elite has (I think) 120 sides)

    Let me know at the email if it is possible, ‘kay?

  13. Ninja says:

    WTF 20 dollars?!

    That’s insane. Maybe 15 dollars or 10 dollars.

    Or how about me not killing you soon (

  14. qiqi says:

    I want to download DeskSpace

  15. qiqi: You can download DeskSpace by signing up for the beta.

  16. Jessica says:

    how do u get the ol version

  17. Jessica: We don’t distribute Yod’m 3D anymore, but you can still find it on some download sites. You should be able to find it on one of these sites with a quick Google.