Apple purchased CoverFlow, a way to visually scroll through the music albums on your computer, from Jonathan del Strother a couple of years ago. They first added it to to iTunes, and now it’s found its way into OS X Leopard as a general purpose solution to scrolling through documents.


It’s a very intuitive approach to navigating through a set of images, and I think it’d be a great way to switch between windows. What do you think?

4 Responses to “CoverFlow”

  1. Chad Calhoun says:

    Visually, it looks great. However, this is built in a linear manner. What would happen when you get to the end and you’re looping through like you would in alt+tab? I assume it would just throw the last window on the left to the last window on the right? As long as this is built to run like this (or similar) so users can loop through, I think it would be great.

  2. Yes, I’d expect it’d let you loop through the windows, similar to the looping in Flip3D and the TopDesk Flip layout.

  3. Chad says:

    Would the reflections be in there as well?

  4. [...] 1.6 will be released in 2-3 months, and will include new layout modes, including a CoverFlow-like mode, and a revamped user input manager that will allow you to use multiple layouts (e.g. Flip and [...]