Playa Hatas

Because we develop TopDesk, some people don’t like Otaku Software very much. Since the beginning, there’s been a steady stream of hate mail directed at our inboxes, but the one I just recieved has shot to the top of my “all time favourites” list. If you read between the insults and squint hard enough it actually kind of sounds like a compliment. I’ve reproduced it below for your viewing pleasure:

Dear Support,

It’s amazing how a team of engineers (namely the ones at Apple) can come up with a great concept like Expose and then a small company like you takes the idea, spins a total rip off of it, and packages it to try and make a buck. Companies like you are beyond the scum of the planet. Enjoy your hard-earned cash, you morons. I hope Apple sues the **** out of you.



2 Responses to “Playa Hatas”

  1. David says:

    Got to love emails like this… It never ceases to amaze me how many people are surrounded by their own “reality distortion fields” where facts like Apple doesn’t have an Expose for Windows are completely unimportant.

  2. cp brakewell says:

    Good points raised here. Many thanks for that, but my thanks don’t end there. I am afflicted with color blindness (tritanopia to be exact). I mainly use Opera browser (no idea if that makes a difference), and a good many websites are difficult to comprehend thanks to an inconsiderate choice of colours used. In your case, as the selection of colors is reasonable, the site is extremely tidy and comfortable to read. I am not sure if this was a premeditated and conscious act, or just a lucky fluke, but you have my gratitude.