Boxing Clever - Easy Encrypted File Transfer For Netbooks and Ultrabooks.

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What Is It?

Easy encrypted file transfer For Netbooks and Ultrabooks. BoxingClever is an simply, secure way to send and receive files online. It helps you:

Why Choose BoxingClever?

There are dozens of online storage and file transfer solutions out there, but only BoxingClever gives you complete control over your data. It uses your own webserver, so you know exactly where your files are and who has access to them. Since you decide when your data is accessed, copied, and deleted, your privacy is assured.

Other online storage solutions use their own servers to store your documents, images, and music, so you have to compete with thousands of other users for server access and bandwidth. If those servers are busy you can't access your files when you need to, and if the company goes out of business you may even lose all your data. With BoxingClever, these problems are a thing of the past.

BoxingClever puts you in control of your online data.

Sharing Files

Alice, a graphic designer at "Grafix, Inc.", wants to send an image to her client Bob, but there's a few obstacles in her way. The image is too large to email, and Bob isn't very technical, so he'll have trouble downloading it using FTP. Both their IT departments have also blocked all non-standard Internet access, so she can't use a file sharing application to transfer the file to him. Finally, the image Alice wants to send is confidential, so putting it up on the Grafix webserver, where anyone can download it, isn't an option.

How can Alice easily and securely send her image to Bob? The answer is BoxingClever.

BoxingClever - Alice Sends an Image Using OutBox.

With BoxingClever OutBox, sending an image to Bob is as easy as Right-Clicking on it and selecting "Upload to Grafix". This encrypts and uploads the image to the Grafix webserver, then displays a "Send Email" dialog. Alice types in Bob's email address, hits the "Send" button, and she's done!

BoxingClever - Bob Receives an Image Using InBox.

When Bob receives Alice's email he drags-and-drops it straight into BoxingClever InBox, and the image is automatically downloaded and decrypted to his Desktop. It's that simple.

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Storing Files Online

Steve, a DJ, plays all over the world. To keep his act fresh he relies on his huge music collection, but bringing all those songs with him on his travels is cumbersome and problematic. His laptop harddrive isn't big enough to store the whole collection, and CDs and DVDs frequently get lost or damaged. Steve also picks up a lot of music on his travels, and with nowhere else to keep it, it ends up occupying a lot of space in his baggage.

With BoxingClever OutBox, Steve can store and retrieve music from anywhere in the world.

BoxingClever - Steve Stores a Song Using OutBox.

To store music, Steve just Right-Clicks on a song and selects "Upload to MyMusic". This encrypts and uploads the track to Steve's webserver, and generates a "key" that he can use to download the song from any location.

BoxingClever - Steve Retrieves a Song Using InBox.

To retrieve music, Steve simply drops a songs "key" into BoxingClever InBox, and the track is automatically downloaded and decrypted to his Desktop.

How Does it Work?

BoxingClever consists of two separate applications: OutBox, which stores files, and InBox, which retrieves files.

BoxingClever - How It Works.

As an example, when Alice wants to send a image to Bob she uses OutBox to generate an encrypted copy of the file, called a Box, and a key file, called a CleverKey, that can unlock the Box. OutBox uploads the Box to Alice's webserver and then emails the CleverKey to Bob.

Once Bob receives the CleverKey he drags-and-drops it on to InBox, which then downloads the Box from Alice's webserver and decrypts it to an image file on his Desktop.

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How Do I Send a File?

To send a file:

How Do I Retrieve a File?

To retrieve a file:


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Where Can I Get Help?

For help with BoxingClever, refer to the BoxingClever 1.0 Documentation and the BoxingClever Frequently Asked Questions.

System Requirements

To use BoxingClever OutBox you'll need a webserver you can upload files to via FTP. If you don't have a webserver, OutBox will not work.

The minimum system requirements for BoxingClever are: