DeskSpace Released

DeskSpace has been released. The main new feature in this version is one that many users have been asking for for a long time – the ability to maintain the order of windows in the taskbar when you switch between desktops.

DeskSpace includes the following minor bug fixes and compatibility improvements:

  • New Feature – The order of windows in the taskbar is now maintained (as much as possible) when switching between desktops.
  • New Feature – DeskSpace now includes an Italian localization.
  • New Feature – When first run, DeskSpace now automatically detects the operating system language.
  • New Feature – Improved desktop cube activation speed.
  • New Feature – Improved desktop switching speed when switching to a desktop with the same wallpaper.
  • New Feature – DeskSpace now handles hung and crashed applications better than before.
  • New Feature – Improved compatibility with MailWasher Pro, Propellerhead Reason, Steam, Tencent Traveler, and XemiCo Desktop Calendar.
  • New Feature – The DeskSpace system tray menu has been tweaked to make the desktop names and pictures more visible.
  • Bug Fix – Reduced desktop icon flashing when switching to a desktop.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed a bug where an incorrect string was displayed in file selection dialogs.
  • Bug Fix – Under Windows 7 is is now possible to drag windows to another desktop using the bottom edge of the screen.
  • Bug Fix – Due to new mouse behavior in Windows 7 the middle mouse button did not always work.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed a bug where the desktop selector combo box background was displayed incorrectly on computers using the Silver Windows XP theme.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed a bug where some applications could not be clicked on in the Manage Desktop Windows applications list.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed a bug where pressing the activation hot key plus an arrow key very quickly caused DeskSpace to stay in the desktop cube view until the space bar/escape/middle mouse button was pressed/clicked.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed a bug where the default DeskSpace settings were sometimes corrupted when DeskSpace was first run.

You can visit the DeskSpace page to find out more about DeskSpace, and visit the Online Store to buy DeskSpace

3 Responses to “DeskSpace Released”

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  2. Jim says:

    Sure is a lot of bug fixes.

  3. Jim: Eight bug fixes is a lot? You should see the list of bugs fixed in Windows 7 :)