Feedback Loop

I found BentUser while searching Technorati for mentions of TopDesk. It’s a nice site that has detailed reviews software and hardware, and popped up on the search because they just so happened to review TopDesk.

There’s one thing that I think could be improved though – as far as I can tell there’s absolutely no way to provide them with feedback on their articles. The ability to comment on an article would be nice, but at the very least I think there should be an email address or contact form that you can fill in. As it stands, this blog is the only way I have of reaching them.

So if anyone from BentUser reads this, I’d like to say: “thanks for the review, that windows aren’t full hidden so they can be recovered if something goes wrong with the system, and that if you turned off ‘update window images before tiling’ and turned on ‘live window updates’ you’d see much better performance.”

3 Responses to “Feedback Loop”

  1. Pat says:

    Problem noted! I keep yelling at my associate to add some feedback (he does the backend dev, I’m useless with a SQL database, I just aimed him again on it) but it is late in coming.

    I’ll give your suggestion a try and update the article. Thanks for the feedback, in the future it should be easier.

  2. Great to hear, and I’m suprised/happy that you found the blog post – I didn’t think anyone actually read this blog :) .

  3. Pavan says:

    You would be wrong about that. :)